The winery is surrounded by vineyards and located on the hillside that descends onto the fishing village of Carril, famous for producing the best clams in the world, in the municipality of Vilagarcia de Arousa, in front of the Atlantic Ocean.

Bodega de Maior de Mendoza

From our tasting room-viewpoint, one can see spectacular views of the Arousa Bay all our visitors can enjoy.

Bodega de Maior de Mendoza


Our work in the winery is an extension of our philosophy of work in the vineyard, since sustainable agriculture only makes sense if it is followed by a grape-friendly oenology that we have developed for decades. Everything centers on the grapes and on how to extract their full potential, intervening as little as possible but with precision and with the right techniques. We believe that viticulture and oenology are two sides of the same coin and that there is not a single oenological process that is not directly influenced by viticulture.

The best way to show this philosophy is the example of the years: for instance, when we stop using herbicides we not only benefited our soils and natural environment, but we also enriched the yeasts of our grapes, which ceased to be attacked by these chemicals.

This allowed us to use our native yeasts in fermentation and then to carry out the aging on lees with them, becoming the pioneers in Rías Baixas of this technique. If we hadn't removed the herbicides from the vineyard, we wouldn't be able to vinify on quality lees.

viñedos de Maior de Mendoza


The freshness and delicacy of Albariño makes us technically equipped with the right means to guarantee its production at the highest quality. Cooling equipment to lower the temperature of the grapes as soon as they enter the winery, reducing oxidation and controlling fermentation temperatures.

The wine-making and grape reception facilities are thermally insulated and finished with washable, lacquered panels on the roof and walls, and with continuous epoxy resin floors. All of this guarantees our grapes are in an extremely clean and tidy environment, vital for attaining the best expression from our wines.